For Buyers

Now is a great time to buy your next home! The variety of homes on the market is unlike anything that has been available in a long time.  If you are looking for your dream home, you have a better chance of finding it now than in the past.  But if you are not working with your own personal Realtor, your chances of finding your dream home will be greatly reduced, and many times met with frustration.  Why do I say this?  Because many home buyers are searching for homes in outdated ways that essentially keep them out of the loop.  Yes, these home buyers spend a lot of time searching the Internet for homes that may fit their criteria or visit Open House after Open House, hoping that the next home will be the one.  Invariably, these approaches are both ineffective and inefficient, huge time wasters that leave them frustrated and exhausted.  As a Realtor, I frequently field calls from these potential home buyers who want additional information on a home, or want to view a home, and unfortunately have to tell them that yes, they spotted a great house, but, they spotted it too late, it’s pending.

I recently had a home listed whereby a potential buyer viewed it the first day it was on the market, and put an offer on it immediately.  Did you know that it sometimes takes a few days for the “For Sale” sign to be placed in a yard ? I had five buyers view this home before the “For Sale” sign was even placed in the yard!  How did they do this?  They work with their own personal Realtor, who notifies them immediately when a home they may be interested in comes on the market.  I can help you be in the know, and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Just let me know what type of home you are looking for, and I will do the rest.  I will set you up with your own personal “Real Estate” website, whereby the MLS will automatically send you all new listings that meet your criteria.  Your inbox will not be flooded with emails.  All new listings will update to your personal “Real Estate” website, which you can view anytime you want.  You will receive the same information, at the same time that all other Realtors receive.  If you see a home that you want to view, just call me and I will set up a showing appointment for you to view the home.  That’s how it’s done these days.

To make this easy, under the “For Buyers” drop down menu, select the “My Dream Home Finder”.  This is a quick way for you to tell me everything that you want in your home, so we can weed out homes that you would not like.  Also, please tell me which area (city, zipcodes, etc.) you would like to focus on.  With this information, I will set up your website, so you can receive information on all newly listed homes at the same time that all other Realtors do.  I would be most honored to assist you in achieving your dream!

Even if you are not ready to buy a home immediately, please feel free to call me to discuss where you are in the process.  I would like to know your goals, plans and even roadblocks that you feel may be in the way.  I want to assist you through the entire process of buying your next home- from getting you pre-approved, finding your dream home, making an offer, reviewing inspections, and onto closing, where it ends with the keys to your new home in your hands.  I hope to become your personal Realtor.

Let’s go house-hunting!