School Information

This website is the ultimate source for information about schools in Indiana. The amount of information provided can seem overwhelming. You can compare a school’s graduation rate, average SAT/ACT score, ISTEP passing rate, etc. Before reviewing any school data, it is recommended to read all of the guidelines and criteria provided on the Indiana Dept. of Education’s website to understand how to correctly evaluate the data. To find out a school’s graduation rate, dropout rate, ave. SAT/ACT scores, ISTEP scores and more: On the home page’s left-hand side menu, select ‘Indiana Schools’, then click ‘School Data’, then click the icon ‘Find School and Corporation Data Reports’. To find out a school or school district’s ‘Federal Progress Ratings’ based on the No Child Left Behind law: On the left-hand side menu, click ‘School Performance’, and then click ‘Federal Progress Ratings’. To find out how a school ranks against other Indiana schools based upon the state’s criteria, select ‘School Performance’ and then click ‘State Progress Ratings’. In 2011, the state of Indiana instituted letter grade descriptions for this rating, ranging from an A to an F.

Read detailed profiles of private schools in Indiana, ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school. You can search by town, county, zip code, religious affiliation, membership affiliation (for example, Montessori) or overall school statistics.